Members and friends are cordially invited to the following Adult Education forums at 9:00 a.m. in Room 1.

January 6: Katie Archibald-Woodward – “Born in Bethlehem” A contemporary look into Bethlehem’s children born today under military occupation.

January 13: Scott Randles – A fun and personal tutorial in Genealogy.

January 20: The Doctrine of Discovery – How it has torn apart generations of Native Americans and what it means to be in relationship with these peoples and nations today.

January 27: Temple Exchange – Conversation reflecting around our annual Temple Exchange with Temple Beth Israel.

Coming up in February – The CPC community is invited to:

“The State of Claremont” –  A Series of conversations with community partners regarding the current state of homelessness, housing needs, and food insecurity in and near Claremont.




Monthly Horizon's Bible Study, 2nd Tuesdays, September-May

Tables for 8 Fellowship Groups

Lenten Groups for Prayer and Study

Agenda for a Prophetic Faith, spring lecture series

We encourage all adults to find a group that nurtures their soul and feeds their spirit. The groups listed above continue from year to year. There are also special courses, workshops and retreats designed to meet particular needs at particular times. Watch our website or weekly e-newsletter for more information.

We also encourage anyone who would like to explore a particular topic or spiritual discipline to speak to one of our pastors about creating a forum or event.

Explore more fellowship opportunities HERE.