We welcome all children to join us each Sunday for Godly Play Sunday School, September – June.

Worship begins at 10:00 a.m. All children begin in worship with their parents.

Following the “Time with the Children”: Children age Kindergarten – 5th grade will come to Godly Play together.

Godly Play uses storytelling and the invitation each week for the children to respond creatively through art, music and movement to the stories they hear to help children develop a sense of the beauty, mystery and wonder that is part of learning the stories of God’s movement in the lives of the people of God.  In the fall our focus is primarily on foundational stories found in the Old Testament.  We have an excellent and experienced team of youth and adult teachers returning this year to work collaboratively to teach the Godly Play lessons each Sunday.  This year, some of our youth who heard the stories as children, will be teaching the stories to the children!

We hope that your children will join us, and participate in our learning community.


Waffle Church - June 3

Waffle church.JPG

Waffle church is a child-centered family worship service that includes eating waffles and worshiping God together through story, art and music.

Waffle church is designed to respect and celebrate the enthusiasm and energy of children in worship, and it includes a lot of movement and child-centered activities – and of course waffles!

Our next waffle church worship will be on Sunday, June 3 at 10:00 a.m. in Fellowship Hall. (There will be a traditional worship service in the Sanctuary at the same time.) The theme for Waffle Church in June will be “God Calling Samuel.”

 If you are able to help in the kitchen preparing waffles, please contact the church office at (909) 624-9693.



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We hope your children, grandchildren, neighbors and friends will join us at Vacation Bible School as we visit Babylon and learn about Daniel’s courage while in captivity. Each day participants will visit the Palace Playground and Marketplace Shops as well as having Tribe Time and learning about Daniel’s adventures!

All children ages 3 through entering 5th graders are welcome as participants. Youth grades 6 and above are encouraged to join us as volunteers. There will be signups on the patio after church both for participants and volunteers beginning June 10 and registration forms will also be available in the church office.

Are you interested in volunteering? We would love to have you join us as a tribe leader, craft leader, cook or registration help.

Help us spread the word and mark your calendars now for the last week of June!