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Jazz Vespers - Earth Day

Jazz Vespers are back for another evening musical service with the the theme: Earth Day

Vespers are an ancient form of evening prayer and music that has found new meaning in this time of polarization and fracturing communities. At Claremont Presbyterian Church we offer this beautiful service to the whole community; anyone who needs time to reflect, relax, pray, and listen. There will be spoken verse, prayers of the people, and live jazz lifting up our words, thoughts, hopes and feelings. 

The music will be offered by The Ron Kobayashi Trio with vocalist Debbi Ebert who are a group of professional musicians from the Los Angeles area with numerous credits to their names. They are provided  by the California Jazz Arts Society (CalJAS) which is organized under the Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation law for public and charitable purposes 501©(3). Its mission is to preserve and promote jazz and other American art forms through concerts, workshops and presentations.