Jazz Vespers

"Vespers" comes from the Greek word "hespera," meaning evening, and vespers is a service of evening prayer and reflection at the close of day.  About every other month, our church offers a service of Jazz Vespers: evening prayer combined with the spontaneity and discovery of jazz.  This service includes readings from scripture and poetry, and reflections from creative thinkers both from our church and the wider community. We also include times for prayer and contemplation.  

Our hope and desire in offering Jazz Vespers is to provide an opportunity for contemplation and community at a different time, and in a different style, from our traditional Sunday worship.  The musicians for this service are part of the California Jazz Arts Society.


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Maybe now and then we need to let go. Life can feel like a white-knuckle affair, as we cling to hopes and expectations and shoulder our way through challenges and obstacles. But what if we just release our grip on the future and let go of the past – if even for a moment? This Jazz Vespers, with its poetry and music, gives us a glimpse of what’s possible when we take a breath, engage faith, and make room for something fresh and new. So come unwind with us at Claremont Presbyterian. See where the spirit takes you.

Jazz Vespers at Claremont Presbyterian Church Oct. 29, 2017

Jazz Vespers at Claremont Presbyterian Church Apr. 30, 2017

Jazz Vespers at Claremont Presbyterian Church Mar. 26, 2017

Jazz Vespers at Claremont Presbyterian Church Jan. 29, 2017